Freitag, 24. Juni 2011

Island hopping and great Flora und Fauna part2

Southbeach by Torfino uff Vancouver Island am Pacific.

I and the little dog from beer trinking women.

I genieße the last Sonnenstrahlen, denn eigentlich is hier meist heavy rain.

Viel water is ooch gleich um die Ecke beim Waterfall.

It is all so very interesant und great Natur hier.

When you janz lange look you can see mir in the Rainforest.

I´m sooo little for the big tree..

Nach der janze Rumfahrerei hab ick mir ooch mal ne Pause vadient.

I´m retour from Island to Festland. Uff the mountain is immer noch snow.

Geetings on all EISERNE in the world.

The fire is on and I hope I landing not of the grill.

Luck jehabt. I and the best firemaker and bearsteacksgriller.

This is nun ooch noch Kanada. Richtung north. and es wird hotter.

Here in Cache Creek to begin the run of the Goldfelder. (I´m 150 years too late)

I´m on the trail. See you.

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  1. der world best firemaker :)))) ja papa, da haste recht!!